Is Your Lawn Mower Right for Your Yard?

You’re under attack: although the sun may have bleached the color away, the stalks of grass in your lawn are still growing particularly high. You could enlist a neighbor kid itching to make a few bucks, or even let the grass get a little out of hand; but why not just do it yourself? Slaving away under the hot summer sun to mow your lawn may sound like the very definition of torture, but what if you lawn mower isn’t working as hard as it could?

You read that right: there’s a chance your lawn mower is taking the easy way out, relaxing while you’re sweating and aching. Before you get too carried away with your temper, give your lawn and your mower a checkup. The solution may be easier than you think!

Types of Lawns

Before you purchase cleaners, you research what cleaning solutions your appliance needs, right? The same goes for your lawn: not just any lawn mower will do. Certain types of grasses, slopes, and other obstacles may be what are keeping your mower from working as good as it should. Here are a few guidelines:

  • For large or sloping lawns: If your lawn is relatively large, or has a lot of slopes, you have a few options. A self-propelled or riding lawn mower would require little effort from you, aside from steering, and is perfect to navigate a lawn without many obstacles. There are a variety of options within those two sections, so don’t worry about power just yet. If you have one or two flowerbeds to move around, a riding lawn mower can take care of the majority of your lawn, although you’ll need an alternative to get up close to your flowers. If you have small to medium sized lawns, or a lawn with a lot of obstacles (trees, flowerbeds), you may need to invest in a different mower.
  • For XL-lawns or multi-taskers: A lawn that’s easier measured in acres than square feet needs something more than a simple riding lawn mower.Riding mowers offer a faster way to mow, and often come with a variety of attachments that could do anything from rake leaves to clear snow. Zero-turn mowers are also an option for large, level lawns without many slopes.
  • Small to Medium lawns: Regardless if you have a variety of obstacles in your small to medium sized lawn, you have a lot of options for mowing. Everything from reel mowers, to solar-battery mowers, to mid-size walk-behind mowers is at your disposal. Which mower you choose from here depends solely on personal preference.

What do you want?

Now that you have a better idea of what kind of mower your lawn needs, you still have lots of choices to make. Start by considering what you want out of your mower: if you have a small lawn, do you want to push the mower yourself, or set up perimeter wire and let a hybrid mower do the work for you? If your lawn is larger than life, do you want to try a zero-turn riding mower or a lawn tractor? Consider your brand preference — Is a Toro lawn mower best for you, or do you prefer another brand like Ferris or Snapper ?

Contrary to what most motor-powered things may have you believe, it isn’t all about the horsepower. Instead, consider your individual needs: mulching requires an added kit to your mower, but it self-fertilizes your lawn at the same time it cuts back on clearing up lawn trimmings. In addition, some mowers will offer different speeds and features than others.

Before you commit to your lawn mower, make sure it’s a great match—for you and your lawn. If you need help choosing the right one, call or stop by O’Connor’s and let us help!