Eco-Friendly Toro Mowers with EFI

Eco-friendly mowers can be powerful too! Inside the engine of a Toro Z Master zero turn mower is a Kholer closed loop electronic fuel injection or EFI that adapts to save fuel.

On Sale Now at O’Connors!

By sensing mowing conditions and regulating fuel to the lawn mower as needed, the fuel-efficient EFI system provides up to 25% better fuel economy. Every yard work project can be different and the Toro Z Masters with EFI engines calculate the optimal amount gas needed and delivers fuel to the engine when you need it.

Environmentally friendly mowers have lower emissions and can save you money by reducing unnecessary fuel consumption. Other features on Toro Master Series Zero Turn Mowers include an easy start lawn mower technology that turns on like a car, with no choke and low hassle.

Gas friendly and powerful lawn mowers from Toro, backed by an industry tough warranty, are available now.