Effective lawn mowing can help you to maintain a healthy condition of your lawn. Poor mowing techniques lead to damaged and dried up lawns. In order to make sure that your lawn is as healthy as it can be, you need to follow some of the best mowing practices apart from simple mowing. We’ve listed some of the effective lawn mowing practices that are easy to learn and implement to maintain a beautiful lawn.

1) Avoid Scalping

One of the best ways to take care of your lawn is to keep its height balanced. Avoid scalping the lawn; remove just about 1/3rd off from the top of the grass. If you mow grass severely, the growth of the roots weakens and makes it more prone to damage from drought or high temperatures.

2) Use Sharp Mower Blades

While mowing, make sure you sharpen the blades of your lawn mower well to get the best results from each mowing. A sharp blade cuts the grass cleanly while a dull blade can shred and wound the grass by creating an irregular edge. This creates openings for pests and diseases to enter grass blades.

3) Try Different Mowing Patterns

Make sure you do not mow your lawn in the same pattern every time. If you’re doing this, you’re creating the risk of compacting soil and ruts. Both of these things can lead to a grass that is unhealthy, followed by weeds thriving in compacted soil. If you mow your lawn in different patterns each time, it will keep the grass more upright and avoid the risk of developing ruts in your soil.

4) Avoid Cutting Wet Grass

Ideally, mow your grass when it is dry. Mowing a wet lawn does not damage your grass but neither do they yield the best of results. Wet lawn mowing can fill and clog your mower deck. Always avoid mowing lawn when the soil is soggy, this might create the risk of wheel ruts and tearing up grass.

5) Adjust Lawn Mower Height

Adjust the height of your mower throughout the season. In summers, shift your mower deck height and allow grass to grow longer. Tall grass helps to shade soil which prevents weed growth and reduces water evaporation from the soil. While in winter, lower the cutting deck to prevent snow mold formation on the grass.

Making a lawn is easy but maintaining and ensuring its healthy life is difficult. For this, you need to pay attention to your mowing habits and follow the above mentioned practices to keep your lawn space greener and refreshing than before.